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OKAY, I get it! Here are the answers to your questions!

If you've ever had a brick dropped on your head, you might know what it's like to miss something so obvious!  I take about 40 calls and emails per day asking the same questions about our upcoming season.  So, why I haven't simply answered them here is a mystery even to me!  So, here are a few of the frequently asked questions and the best answer I can give you.

How do I register?  All of our registration is done on line so, if you want to register now...go back to the home page and look for the appropriate link for your sport and season.   Registration is $90 unless you catch the early-bird.  If you wait too late, you'll end up in late registration which will end up costing you more so don't wait.

Where are the practices and how often will they practice?  This is the ONE question that I can't actually answer.  Each coach will have their own practice schedule and location so, it's up to them when and where you practice.  Our teams are put together based on your zip code so, all the kids in your area should end up on the same team.  So, it stands to reason, your coach should pick a location that's central to everyone in the area.  Most coaches practice about twice per week.  

Where are the games?  All of our games are played at Witter Ranch Park in Natomas (3795 Saintsbury Dr) on Saturdays for flag football.  Since we have teams all over Sacramento, we picked a park that is pretty central for everyone.  It's also right off the freeway so it's pretty easy to get to.  Our games start at 8am and we play a game every hour on the hour until all teams have played.  The amount of games depends on how many teams are registered so it varies from season to season.  This season, we're trying something new with multiple games going on at the same time so make sure you check your teams schedule. 

How long is the season?  Our season is 7 weeks long including playoffs.  We usually try to build in an extra week in case something happens so make sure you check your team schedule.

I registered but, I haven't heard from a coach yet.  What's up?  Don't panic!  It's not entirely up to your coach to get the calls done.  Sometimes they are waiting on us to give them a complete roster.  We don't want anyone getting an unfair advantage by practicing too early so, we may hold their roster.  Once they get close to a full team, and are allowed to start practice, we'll get them a roster.   I would say that most coaches will wait until their team is full before they start calling parents so they don't have to repeat things but, that's up to each coach.  You WILL be contacted.

Is there a team in my area?  This is another question that I can't really answer.  We are completely at the mercy of registrations.  So, if your area has at least 9 kids that want to play and register, then yes, there will be a team in your area.  However, if there are not enough kids in your area, we'll combine the closest zip codes to fill a team.  So, in MOST cases, there are enough kids to fill a team but, occasionally, we do have to combine areas to make it work.

Can my child play on a team with his/her friends?  Of course they can!  This league is supposed to be fun for everyone including you.  So, we honor your team requests first.  That way, kids play with their friends, you know the parents already and everyone is happy.  Make sure you put your request on your registration form.  The only time we can't honor a request is if a team is already full when you register.

Well, I know that doesn't answer EVERY question but, that should help with the most common.  If you have other questions, feel free to email or give us a call.  Have a great season!